Exchange 2013 SP1 – problem #1 – Powershell virtual directory malfunction – HTTP error (500)

This is known issue, but to remember myself for next versions: If you run EMS for Exchange 2013 SP1. Error comes out:500error

It has 3 possible issues. Here are solutions:

Root cause 1:

Exchange server is out of sync with time of DC. You should always have the following hierarchy of time sync in your domain: Reliable time source -> PDC -> Other DCs -> Servers and clients

  • Disable windows time sync from physical host if it is virtual machine
  • Enable time sync with domain by the following commands:
  • On PDC
net stop w32time 
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual / 
w32tm /config /reliable:yes 
net start w32time

On other DCs and Servers:

net stop w32time
w32tm /config /syncfromflags:domhier /reliable:no /update
net start w32time

Root cause 2:

Exchange server path to kerbauth.dll is wrong / Powershell virtual directory is misconfigured. I have re-created virtual directory for Powershell on affected server:

Get-PowerShellVirtualDirectory -Server <AffectedServer> | Remove-PowerShellVirtualDirectory
New-PowerShellVirtualDirectory -Server <AffectedServer> -Name PowerShell
Get-PowerShellVirtualDirectory -Server <AffectedServer> | Set-PowerShellVirtualDirectory -BasicAuthentication:$false

After virtual directory re-creation I have checked its modules in IIS and made sure, that Kerberos module is native and the path to its DLL is correct:


Root cause 3:

There is a missing Windows feature WinRM IIS extension.The full description is here: This was the case in my lab and I feel it is the side effect of in-place upgrade of OS from Windows server 2012 to Windows Server 2012 R2 on Exchange server (Yes I know it is not good idea, but how to learn non standard issues in other way). Here is simple solution: Install this windows feature:

Get-WindowsFeature *IIS* #to check if it is installed
Add-WindowsFeature Winrm-IIS-Ext # to install