Multiple SPF records for one domain can cause problems in e-mail delivery

I have found, that on of my customer domains have problem to send messages outside their environment. Some messages got stuck in queue for several hours / days without any reason to do so. SMTP traffic was OK to most of other domains, but some had problem. I suspect, that the reason was more SPF TXT records for single domain. Example: TXT="v=SPF1 mx ~all" TXT="v=SPF1 mx ~all" TXT="v=SPF1 mx ~all"

RFC 4408 stays, that no multiple SPF records should be available:

3.1.2.  Multiple DNS Records: A domain name MUST NOT have multiple records that would cause an
authorization check to select more than one record.  See Section 4.5
for the selection rules.

Explanation is quite logical. If there is more than one SPF record, permanent error is returned.

4.5.  Selecting Records
   Records begin with a version section:
   record           = version terms *SP
   version          = "v=spf1"
   Starting with the set of records that were returned by the lookup,
   record selection proceeds in two steps:
   1. Records that do not begin with a version section of exactly
      "v=spf1" are discarded.  Note that the version section is
      terminated either by an SP character or the end of the record.  A
      record with a version section of "v=spf10" does not match and must
      be discarded.

   2. If any records of type SPF are in the set, then all records of
      type TXT are discarded.
   After the above steps, there should be exactly one record remaining
   and evaluation can proceed.  If there are two or more records
   remaining, then check_host() exits immediately with the result of
   If no matching records are returned, an SPF client MUST assume that
   the domain makes no SPF declarations.  SPF processing MUST stop and
   return "None".

Well. The cause of this “implementation” is, that some messages from domain containing wrong SPF record to domain with SPF check might be lost (-All) or delayed. I am going to investigate this further. If you have some experience with similar problem, please let me know.