Get-OutlookRecipients from Outlook

PowerShell function Get-OutlookRecipients can returns email addresses from Outlook application.


  • Get email adresses (recipients) from Outlook application (supported 2010) to PowerShell
  • Mandatory parameter is locations: Inbox or Contacts
  • Outlook needs to be installed and configured on source computer

Parameters for better selection

  • Domain (domain part of email address) – available for location Inbox and Contacts
  • Company (company attribute) – available for location Contacts
  • MessagesFromDate – available for location Inbox
  • MessagesToDate – available for location Inbox

Parameter drive

  • -Location [“Contacts”,”Inbox”]
  • -Domain [String]
  • -Company [String]
  • -MessagesFromDate [DateTime]
  • -MessagesToDate [DateTime]
  • -ExportToCsv [String]


  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location Contacts
  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location Contacts -Domain ".cz"
  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location Contacts -Domain "" -Company "MS" -ExportToCsv C:\ExportContacts.Csv
  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location Inbox
  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location inbox -MessagesToDate (get-date)
  • Get-OutlookRecipients -Location inbox -MessagesFromDate "2/5/2012 11:00:00" -MessagesToDate "2/20/2012 12:00:00" -ExportToCsv C:\ExportSenders.Csv

Download: Get-OutlookRecipients.ps1

Please use right-click and “Save as” for downloading ps1 file otherwise the link shows source code in the same window.