The counter list and portability (read I/O operations)

An ExRAAP scanning detected this issue “The read I/O operations latency is greater than expected for an Exchange database” with an advice I started to monitor related performance counters according to post Analysing Exchange Server 2010 Jetstress BLG Files By Hand which contains also the following table:

7- 8- 2014 12-15-22Time to time I needed to check read I/O operations without a Data Collector Set, but I did not want to have the counter list/settings dependent on particular server (i.e. the server below hosts mailbox database MDB01 or MDB05 but not MDB02 and I want to have counters for all of them and I do not mind that some counter will not work).

7- 8- 2014 12-03-147- 8- 2014 12-44-28Well, I saved the settings from the server into HTML file and modify its content for 18 databases.

  • Changing value: <PARAM NAME=”CounterCount” VALUE=”18″/>
  • Adding parameters for missing databases (be careful you have to always use unique PARAM NAME):7- 8- 2014 12-59-42After that I could check the latency by pasting the same counter list on any server.

7- 8- 2014 13-12-18