Exchange 2013 CU3 upgrade problem #3 – Failure cleaning up search foundation data folder

Another problem while upgrading Exchange 2013 CU3. During configuration of backend transport service search foundation folder error ocured:


error search foundationSolution:

Tricky one, but I have checked Exchange setup log and found the folder with search foundation installation script is located under %Exchangeinstalldirectory%\Bin\Search\Ceres\Installer\. I browse to the folder in powershell and run configuration script manually without arguments first, it gave me a list of available arguments and in my case it was needed to add configuration to existing one so “a” was the right choice.

.\InstallConfig.ps1 -action a

And voila. Next run setup of Exchange 2013 CU3 went ok without problems. Needed to say, that it has happened because of problem to connect to DC during setup.