Exchnage 2010 – OAB reported error (0x801901B8)

I noticed OAB related issue after migration from Ex2007 to EX2010 in one AD site. Migrated users were not able to download Offline Address Book. Downloading process failed with error:

Task ‘test@ficility.net’ reported error (0x801901B8) : ‘The operation failed.’

Exchange related cmdlets:







Outlook check (check from end-user point of view):

When I tried to open OAB xml (https://mail.ficility.net/OAB/f050e98b-46d4-46d5-a094-3d7b4f001b8f/oab.xml) in web browser by test account, the owa was opened instead of xml file. Due to this reason IIS configuration needed to be checked.

Problem was caused by enabled http redirect on the OAB virtual directory in IIS configuration.

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Solution: To solve this problem simply clear the http redirect on CAS servers + iisreset /noforce (Use the /noforce parameter to help prevent data loss in case the IIS services cannot be stopped within the one minute time-out period. If you are certain that it is safe to force IIS to restart, you can omit the /noforce parameter. However, be aware that you could lose data if you do not include this parameter.).

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