Exchange 2013 RTM CU2 setup on Windows Server 2012 bug? – Default installation directory cannot be changed

I came accross one very odd error, while I was installing CU2 for Exchange 2013 on WS2012. The problem was, that I used command line to install Exchange to different directory C:\EXCHANGE2013.

Command used:

.\setup.exe /IacceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms /roles:mailbox,ClientAccess /MDBName:DB01 /m:install /DBFilePath:E:\DB01\DB01.edb /t:c:\EXCHANGE2013 /installWindowsComponents

Error during setup states, that FMS service cannot be started. Correct. It can be seen for all Exchange-related services. I tried to start the service manually as well:

No success. I checked via GUI and found the root cause. All Exchange related services are set to DEFAULT install path instead of the one I provided to Exchange setup (Sorry for Czech language).FIPS_Cause

I also tried to install Exchange using GUI with the same results. The only solution for my lab was to use default installation directory.
Does someone have the same problem?