Exchange 2013 CU3 upgrade problem #3 – Failure cleaning up search foundation data folder

Another problem while upgrading Exchange 2013 CU3. During configuration of backend transport service search foundation folder error ocured:


error search foundationSolution:

Tricky one, but I have checked Exchange setup log and found the folder with search foundation installation script is located under %Exchangeinstalldirectory%\Bin\Search\Ceres\Installer\. I browse to the folder in powershell and run configuration script manually without arguments first, it gave me a list of available arguments and in my case it was needed to add configuration to existing one so “a” was the right choice.

.\InstallConfig.ps1 -action a

And voila. Next run setup of Exchange 2013 CU3 went ok without problems. Needed to say, that it has happened because of problem to connect to DC during setup.


Exchange 2013 CU3 upgrade problem #2 – IIS default web page incorrect binding

In this case I am not sure if it is problem or not, but just to remind myself for the future. After Exchange 2013 CU3 setup there was strange setting in IIS. Missing binding for all unassigned IP addresses for HTTPS on port 443. Solution is to remove incorrect binding and add new one.

ECP error IIS

Exchange 2013 CU3 upgrade problem #1 – EAC doesn´t work (HTTP 400, bad request)

I came into problem recently. After upgrade of Exchange 2013 CU2 to CU3 my ECP stopped to work. I tried to:

  • re-create ECP virtual directory
  • renew certificate (which expired recently)

none of those helped.


ECP error WEB

OWA - wrong authentication set

Then I checked authentication methods for my virtual directories and found, that Exchange 2013 CU3 setup messed up my OWA authentication methods. The goal here is to have both virtual directories set with the same authentication methods. In my case FBA and Basic.


Set correct authentication methods and run IISreset on problematic backend exchange servers.

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | Set-OwaVirtualDirectory -FormsAuthentication $true -BasicAuthentication $true

OWA - correct authentication