DirSync to Office 365 synchronization failed – Event ID:6126, Event ID:109, Event ID:6801, Event ID:6803, Event ID:6110

I have faced problems with Dirsync synchronization with the following Event IDs:6126,0,109,6801,6803,6110,0


Password reset for Dirsync cloud account and its configuration in MIIS client.


Here is, what I have found in the event log

1. Event ID 6126

Synchronization has beedo done but changes of the rules occured

2. Event ID 109

Error statest, that synchronization didnĀ“t perform and that change password might help

3. Event IDs 6801,6803

States the same as Event ID 109. Authentication failure and final state that error has occued.

4. Event ID 6110

Watermark of delta synchronization was not saved.

5. Password needs to be changed in the cloud

Just logon to the cloud and change password via WEB interface

6. Password never expires

As additional stem I have set password to never expire to prevent these problems to occur again
010-password change

7. Set new password in DirSync

In the Windows Azure Active Directory connector you should set new password.

8. OK