Email Address Policy and Capital Letters – Exchange 2007


I worked on a request to omit capitals letters in email address (WindowsEmailAddress attribute). Nice to see how can be this request solved. If you have granted email address like you cannot update value (WindowsEmailAddress or PrimarySMTPAddress attribute) within through EMS or EMC. The value is still As I heard from clever guys many times Exchange and RFC 2821 (SMTP) is not so tantamount “The local-part of a mailbox
MUST BE treated as case sensitive. Therefore, SMTP implementations
MUST take care to preserve the case of mailbox local-parts.“. Additionally, we do not have a restriction for the case in Exchange mail-flow, but how can we change the value while the address is still same (with capital letters). Just rename it e.g. and after that you can apply lower format without problem. Unfortunately mentioned fact is the same as for Email Address Policy. We cannot change granted capital letters in WindowsEmailAddress or PrimarySMTPAddress by the policy for existing objects.

Basic related management ragarding to Email Address Policy is described in following article:

The main declaration elements are:

%g - Used for given name (first name)
%i - Used for middle initial
%s - Used for surname (last name)
%d - Used for display name
%m - Used for Exchange alias
%xs - Uses the x number of letters of the surname. For example if x=2, then the first two letters of the surname are used.
%xg - Uses the x number of letters of the given name. For example, if x=2, then the first two letters of the given name are used.

But I have used most frequently element %r as replace factor: %rÄa%rÖo%rÅa%räa%röo%råa%rÜu%rüu%rAa%rBb%rCc%rDd%rEe%rFf%rGg%rHh%rIi%rJj%rKk%rLl%rMm%rNn%rOo%rPp%rQq%rRr%rSs%rTt%rUu%rVv%rWw%rXx%rYy%rZz

Original policy was updated by:

Get-EmailAddressPolicy -identity "Defaulr Policy" | Set-EmailAddressPolicy -EnabledEmailAddressTemplates "","SMTP:%rÄa%rÖo%rÅa%räa%röo%råa%rÜu%rü"

After that each new mailbox do not have capital letters in its email address. I changed also old addresses with capital letters by a script – HERE – but the script is customized for my a purpose so ask if anything.