Exchange 2013 semi-automated health check


I was asked to make as much as possible automated healthcheck for Exchange 2013. Well. Not so easy task,but finally there is a script (so to say RC1) to be run in two tasks. Script generates XLSX files with all needed information for healthcheck Exchange, but NOT to resolve issues. That must be done by admin manually ;). The script does the following:

  1. Gathering performance counters and measuring results
  2. Gathering Event logs and exporting it to XLSX
  3. Basic tests for all Exchange servers in organization
  4. Exporting all results to XLSX file, ready to be copied to final report.

The script is not free, cause my employer invested a lot of time to it, however, if you are interested, please contact me on salon (at) and we can arrange some HC for you.

Example of output:

Example of report: