Office 365 – Multi Factor Authentication support part 2. – Enable MFA from user point of view

In previous article I have enabled MFA for user and now I will test its behavior, while MFA Enabled and Enforced

User setup

When I log on for the first time with new user or try to access with user with just enabled MFA, Login window will look different and after typing my password it will require to set up MFA.


Office 365 talks to you in your prefered language, you can choose mobile application or mobile phone or normal phone to contact and pick up whether to be contacted by SMS or phone call.

MFA setup2

I choose Mobile phone and SMS, next and I am required to verify my device

setup 3

I have received SMS code


Verification went OK and in next step I am warned, that my password will be working only in browser (1) and for other aplications named in (2) I need to generate App Passwords (3) or agree, that these applications will not be used for my account (4)


APP Passwords (support for thick clients)

To generate App Passwords I was redirected to Windows Azure Active Directory logon screen, where I have been MFAuthenticated via SMS ūüôā


Now I can create App Passwords


Next is name of application and then the password is generated and displayed once. You must copy it to clipboard

apppol1 apppol2

Now use the password as you have used your password for Office 365 previously. So basically you use your App Password instead of your Office 365 password.

Described here. This is most important link for support persons on MFA enabled customer¬īs helpdesk:

User¬īs output¬†with MFA defined and registration process completed in Azure Active Directory (in my case default one way SMS)

PS C:\Windows\system32> get-msoluser -UserPrincipalName | select *au* | select strongaut
henticationmethods -expandproperty strongauthenticationmethods

StrongAuthenticationMethods   ExtensionData                                     IsDefault MethodType
---------------------------   -------------                                     --------- ----------
{Microsoft.Online.Administ... System.Runtime.Serializati...                          True OneWaySMS
{Microsoft.Online.Administ... System.Runtime.Serializati...                         False TwoWayVoiceMobile

PS C:\Windows\system32> get-msoluser -UserPrincipalName | select *au* | select strongaut
henticationrequirements -expandproperty strongauthenticationrequirements |fl
StrongAuthenticationRequirements : {Microsoft.Online.Administration.StrongAuthenticationRequirement}
ExtensionData                    : System.Runtime.Serialization.ExtensionDataObject
RelyingParty                     : *
State                            : Enforced

Well so far so good but now , what I finally don¬īt like. Lets say, that App Passwords are need for not MFA ready apps..ok, you can define as much App Passwords as you want, you can name those, but you can use all of them to all aplications. That is a bit strange. I have generated two App Passwords and I was able to use both for LYNC client.

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