RTF content archiving problem when using Mailstore against Exchange 2010 SPx – ErrorInternalServerTransientError

I have experienced problem in one of my customer´s Exchange environment after utilization of Mailstore archiving software. Mailstore is EWS and client based archiving solution for Exchange. All best practice configuration steps can be found here: http://en.help.mailstore.com/MailStore_Help


  • Virtualized Exchange 2010 SP3 RUx environment with 2 node DAG, multirole servers. Both running on ESX 5.1. No Firewall and router between production Exchange and Mailstore virtual servers.


  • RTF content messages cannot be archived using Mailstore via EWS
  • RTF messages can be easily simulated as new meeting request containing inline picture of any size. Meetings should not be answered to have error visible in 100 percent of cases
  • Error message in Mailstore job log as follows
08:36:58.874 [18] INFO Processing message: 23.1.2014 7:42:45 UTC 'FW: Problém s archivací meetingů', UID 1: @mail.domain.cz, UID 2: 
08:36:58.890 [18] INFO Retrieving message...
08:36:58.890 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:36:59.561 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:00.403 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:01.464 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:02.727 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:04.194 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:05.879 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:07.751 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:09.825 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:12.072 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:14.521 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:17.173 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:20.012 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:23.070 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:26.330 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:29.793 [18] INFO Sending EWS Request (GetMimeContent)
08:37:30.230 [18] EXCEPTION MailboxImportWorker:ProcessMailboxMessageWrapper
: Microsoft Exchange Server nedokázal dokončit úlohu. Detaily: An internal server error occurred. Try again later. EWS Error Kód: ErrorInternalServerTransientError.
  • Moving node to other ESX cluster or moving active database to another node solved error instantly, but after switch back error appeared again
  • User-generated load was also partly the problem


We have tried everything from re-creation of throttling policies, moving databases between nodes, updates to latest RU and Mailstore versions, Disabling TCP chimney, RSS and AutoTuning features, re-creation of Exchange databases, re-creation of Mailstore database and many many others.

What has finally helped was to re-create EWS virtual directory and restart IIS:

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory SERVER\ID | Remove-WebServicesVirtualDirectory
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory SERVER\ID | Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory -InternalURL <IURL> -ExternalURL <EURL>

I suspect 2 things. 1 is problematic IIS 7 metabase or utilization of CGI (Common Gateway Interface –http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753077(v=ws.10).aspx ) on EWS virtual directory. Uninstallation of CGI did not solve the problem. Problem has been solved by re-cration of EWS virtual directory on affected DAG node after uninstallation of CGI.

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