ForeFront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server integration failure after installing of Exchange 2010 SP3 RU2 on hybrid server EventID:1007,EventID:1008, EventID:9581, EventID:9564

This article is continuation of the . After installation of RU2 for Exchange Server 2010 SP3 we have had problem to intefrate ForeFront to its new (mailbox role). The MSExchangeIS service stucked and started to Start/Stop in the loop. Here are the corrective actions (actions will remove ForeFront and its settings, so if you are not sure how to configure your ForeFront, don´t use it):


The following Event IDs are circulating: 1007 (FSC moniror Initialize) -> 1008 (FSC moniror Termination) -> 9581 (MSExchangeIS – Virus scan cannot be loaded) -> 9564 (Cannost start Information Store because Virus Scan failed to load)



  • Stop services
Stop-service MSExchangeIS
Stop-service MSExchangeTransport
Stop-Service FSCController -force
FSCutility.exe /Disable
  • Uninstall ForeFront (From Programs and features menu)
  • Restart server
  • Install ForeFront from media again and it will be automatically integrated to MSExchangeIS again.
  • Restart server
  • Configure ForeFront again, because re-installation removed your settings.
  • Test server
    From FF management console run
     FSCUtility.exe /status


  • If ForeFront is integrated, run the following to test services on the server and to check if DB is mounted.

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