How to change primary SMTP address for Public Folder database

My friend made a mistake, while creating e-mail address policy and changed domain suffix to internal relayed domain accidentally. The problem was solved quckly for all recipients, but PF databases were left. PF replication works by sending replication messages using SMTP protocol. It means that all PF database object stored in AD has its own proxy addresses field and messages are sent to it´s primary SMTP address. To change it follow these steps:

  • Dismount PF database
  • Open ADSI EDIT -> Configuration partition -> Expand Services -> Microsoft Exchange -> Organization name -> Administrative Groups -> Well known Administrative Group name /FYDI… -> Databases -> Select Public folder database to edit by Right click and Properties
  • Remove primary SMTP address, add old primary SMTP address as secondary and add new primary SMTP address as shown in Picture


  • Finally mount PF database, wait for AD replication and voila! Replication messages are sent to new SMTP address.
  • You can track messages as described here:


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