How to connect to shared / additional mailbox via POP3 (Exchange 2010/2013)

This article is analogical to my previous article for IMAP.

Test via Telnet:

  • Prerequisite here is to have Plain text login set on Exchange servers (POP3). Use the following commands to set plaintext login. POP3 services must be restarted before change takes effect.
Set-POPSettings -Server <SERVERNAME> -LoginType PlaintextLogin
Get-Service *pop* | Restart-Service
  • type the following command into the command line. I use Windows Server 2008 R2 and there is no Telnet client feature installed by default, so if you dont have it, please install it via Server manager MMC.
telnet <name of your pop3 server> pop3 (where pop3 is key word of protocol used by telnet client)
  • You will get OK answer from your setver if everything is OK
user SALONOVI\Anatolij.Stokurev\Shared.Mailbox1 (According to POP3 protocol you have to insert valid username / password combination to logon to mailbox)
PASS Minus30* (Enter password)
LIST (list messages from the mailbox)
RETR 1 (retrieve first message from the list)
QUIT (End session)
  • Result is in the following Picture


Test via Outlook

  • Add POP3 connection to your existing profile or create new profile (File -> Account Settings -> New -> Manual Configuration -> POP/IMAP)
  • Open Settings
  • Change settings according the Picture:

outlook settings

  • Our admin user doesnt have e-mail address. Fill in e-mail address of the shared account instead
  • Into the username use the same syntax as before “DOMAIN\USER\MAILBOXALIAS”
  • In More settings TAB use working configuration of your SMTP server
  • Hit NEXT and you will get the test window. After test is OK you are ready touse new profile with POP3 connected to shared mailbox

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