How to configure Calendar Repair Assistant in Exchange 2010/2013

What is Calendar Repair Assistant


Difference between Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013

  • CRA in Exchange 2010 is not enabled by default
  • CRA in Exchange 2013 and Exchange 2010 SP3 has new configurable parameter  for CRA repair mode (ValidateOnly, RepairAndValidate)
  • Lower record is default from Exchange 2013, Higher is default from Exchange 2010 SP3 (not yet available)


Configuration in Exchange 2010

  • Setting mailbox servers
Get-MailboxServer | Set-MailboxServer -CalendarRepairWorkCycle 7.00:00:00 -CalendarRepairWorkCycleCheckpoint 1.00:00:00 -CalendarRepairLogFileAgeLimit 30.00:00:00 -CalendarRepairLogPath E:LogsCalendarRepairAssistant -CalendarRepairLogDirectorySizeLimit unlimited -CalendarRepairLogSubjectLoggingEnabled $true -CalendarRepairLogEnabled $true -CalendarRepairIntervalEndWindow 60 -CalendarRepairSchedule Mon.20:00-Mon.23:59,Tue.20:00-Tue.23:59,Wed.20:00-Wed.23:59,Thu.20:00-Thu.23:59,Fri.20:00-Fri.23:59,Sat.20:00-Sat.23:59,Sun.20:00-Sun.23:59
  • Setting user mailboxes
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited -Filter {CalendarRepairDisabled -eq $True} | Set-Mailbox -CalendarRepairDisabled $false
  • Disabling CRA if needed
Get-MailboxServer | Set-MailboxServer -CalendarRepairWorkCycle $null -CalendarRepairWorkCycleCheckpoint $null -CalendarRepairSchedule $null

Configuration in Exchange 2013 RTM

  • Changing configuration

Changing in configuration is done the same way as it was in Exchange 2010.

  • Setting CRA repair mode
Get-MailboxServer | Set-MailboxServer -CalendarRepairMode ValidateOnly
  • Setting user mailboxes
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited -Filter {CalendarRepairDisabled -eq $True} | Set-Mailbox -CalendarRepairDisabled $false

Important parameters

  • CalendarRepairWorkCycle 7.00:00:00 -Defines time range within what all mailboxes must be checked
  • CalendarRepairWorkCycleCheckpoint 1.00:00:00 – Defines within what time mailbox will be repaired if error is found
  • CalendarRepairLogEnabled $true – Enables / disables logging of CRA
  • CalendarRepairIntervalEndWindow 60 – How many days in the future calendars will be checked
  • CalendarRepairSchedule Mon.20:00-Mon.23:59 – schedules CRA

Log example


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